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Fashion Items Swapped


According to the UK based charity Waste and Resources Action Program in Britain, the average household owns around £4000 worth of clothes, with approximately 30% of clothing in wardrobes not worn for at least a year; an estimated £140 million worth (based on 2015 prices) or around 350,000 tonnes of used clothing go to landfill in the UK every year. 

Swap Rebellion facilitates the redistribution of no-longer-wanted fashion items to reduce textile waste and maximise clothing lifespan. 

Clothes swapping can also enhance the level of information among consumers about using rather than owning. Our events feature talks, workshops and other activities to encourage discussions and practical solutions to consume fashion better.

Our swappers are fashion lovers, they participate to find quality and unique pieces of clothing. We wish to change preconceived ideas people may have about second-hand and clothes swapping through carefully curating and ensuring the cleanliness of the items available. 

“Actually, I was surprised by the selection. There were shoes, jackets, dresses, and accessories. There was definitely a very good selection, and even a new pair of Doc Martins, which is quite impressive”. Sana

"I thought the speaker was great. She was really engaging, but it also to be honest really made me a lot more conscious than I had been previously about where I buy my clothes, how I buy my clothes and what industries I'm endorsing with my purchases.” Aine

“I feel that with second-hand clothes you have the power not to stick to fashion trends and you have a wider pick, so you can be more unique and more creative because It’s not the same piece of clothes that everyone is going to be able to shop on ASOS or whatever. So, I feel if I swap my clothes there are more chances that my piece is going to be unique, it’s a find, like I connected emotionally with it, rather than if I bought it in a shop.” Melanie

“I think clothes swapping caters to a very similar feeling that we try to satisfy with fast fashion. But it caters to it more effectively and its more guilt free because if you don't like it then you can just swap it again at the next Swap Rebellion event [...]. But if you buy things from fast fashion, first of all you have wasted your own money on something that you end up not wearing. Second of all you have introduced, like you have fed to this mindless consumption that perpetuates fast fashion and makes them produce so much. So, the less we buy, the less is the demand for them to produce.” Kat 
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