Swap Rebellion x The Jago

Update your wardrobe guilt-free while having a drink and listening to great tunes!

Entrance Β£7 tickets available from Eventbrite

Karaoke after swap (link below) πŸ“£πŸŽ΅ 🎀

Swap drop from 6.30-7.30pm
Speed Swap: 7.30 - 8pm
Swap starts from 8pm
What to Swap?

Bring your pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories (up to 10 pieces). For each item you bring, you'll get one token to exchange for a new item in the swap. 1 Item = 1 Token

Swapping works best when there is a high standard of quality ensuring everyone takes home something they're happy with. With this in mind, we have some quality control standards in place for all our events.*
Items should be clean, folded or pressed

Items should be of good quality with a long potential lifespan

Items should be likely to be valued by others – ask yourself, would I be happy to give this item to a friend?

Items should be free of faults or with minor faults that are easy to repair (for example, a missing button).

The best items to swap are good quality garments that you once loved but are no longer your favorites or perhaps no longer fit you perfectly. This way, you’re giving them a second life with someone new who will treasure them. Whatever you swap, please make sure you are emotionally detached from the item, as once it has been swapped you cannot change your mind.
Special thanks to generous support from The Jago

Spread the word.

Rebel against the Status Quo.

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