Speed Swapping

A clothes swap can be likened to a treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find! Therefore, sometimes it feels difficult to swap items that have a high value or a strong emotional connection to you. With our signature Speed Swap, you have the opportunity to find out whether there is another garment out there for you to exchange for that cherished item.  You decide whether someone‚Äôs else item is a match for you whilst getting to meet fellow swappers and potentially make new friends! 

How does Speed Swapping works?  

All participants who want to participate sign up for the Speed Swap and select one particular item for the game.  The swappers are divided in two, sitting on chairs facing each other.  They have 5 minutes to chat, find out what the other swapper has brought.  If it is a match, the two individuals may exchange the items immediately and remain within the game, as they can decide to swap the new item for another one during the next date.  When the bell rings, half of the swappers remain seated and the other half move up one seat and the swapping starts again and this is repeated until everyone in the Speed Swap has had a chance to meet and see what the other participants have brought. 

Check out our event page to find out when is our next Speed Swap!

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