Reflections from London Fashion Week

What a week - a total whirlwind pulling together a swap in a fortnight for London Fashion Week but we were so grateful to be a part of the Positive Fashion Exhibition collaborating with the so-hot right now designer Patrick McDowell and swap royalty, Global Fashion Exchange for the first-ever swap brought to London Fashion Week. Yes, the FIRST PEOPLE.

Left to right: Yun Kuo, COO Lablaco; Camille Yerles and Martha Alexieva, co-founders of Swap Rebellion; Patrick Duffy, founder of Global Fashion Exchange; Yolanda Yong, co-founder of Swap Rebellion and Lorenzo Albrighi, CEO of Lablaco

Not only were we bringing the concept of swapping to the highest echelons of fashion, we ran the swap shop on the Swap Chain, block chain for swapping powered by Lablaco, combining technology and circularity in fashion.

Kindly supported by the British Fashion Council and by the CEO herself, Caroline Rush, we brought this important dialogue about the future of consumption to the Positive Fashion Exhibition, the London Fashion Week's space dedicated to Sustainability, Equality & Diversity, Craftsmanship & Community.

Brands conscious about sustainability and supporting circularity in fashion donated some amazing samples and excess stock to our swap. For those who were in the know and came prepared to swap were treated to some amazing finds which we made available to all.

Patrick McDowell upcycled a collection purely based on items donated to the swap shop and he embellished these items during the four-day event using Swarowski crystals. The designer who works using upcycled materials and releases a new collection once a year in defiance of the fashion calendar is changing the tune to which designers are so often made to dance to in the name of a more sustainable future of fashion.

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