Lupe Castro - Fashion Revolutionaries in the Spotlight

This year for Fashion Revolution week we are shining the light on different individuals who are working to bring change to the fashion ecosystem. Whilst remembering the Rana Plaza incident, we wanted to focus on conscious fashion revolutionaries.

Meet Lupe Castro the CEO of FashionSpace.World. She is a renowned creative director, writer, fashion and lifestyle expert and one of the world’s leading stylists to both emerging and established designers. Find out what she has been doing during the pandemic and her thoughts on how the fashion industry is about the change.  

How would you describe your current mood? 

These days I am feeling creative and inspired. Although we are all going through a strange and uncertain time, I am trying to stay positive and productive and by keeping this goal in mind, listening to my body and being gentle with myself, I have been indulging my creative side and coming up with some cool new ideas, watch this space! 

Lupe Castro
@pletzinger upcycled bottoms
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@chajindesigns upcycled high tops
@embellished truth sunglasses
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What effect has Covid 19 had on you and your business? 

Within 24 hours all of my writing jobs were cancelled, including all the events we had planned through my Fashion Space business, on top of that all sales virtually halted overnight. 

What effect had Covid 19 had on your supply chain? 

On the sales side, most of the international designers who I have a relationship with and whose collections are stocked on my Fashion Space site were not able to ship items to me, and I was also unable to ship out to customers who had purchased from me. 

What has been the biggest challenge during this period of lockdown? 

Keeping things in perspective. 

What have you done during lockdown to innovate? 

I have been doing everything I can to make as much of my business digital and online. Many of these steps should also serve me once lockdown has ended.   

What small act of kindness has someone shown you or that you have shown someone during the lockdown? 

There have been so many acts of kindness happening all around me – from people abroad calling to keep a tab on how I am doing, to clients and partners agreeing to restructuring payment terms. It is humbling to see how people are there for each other in times of need. 

How do you think this crisis will affect the fashion industry? 

I am hoping that consumers will realise that they don't need as much. I think there will also be a change to the current Fashion Week model which has been coming for a while now. It was becoming too much and now that we have seen how much we can do online I think digital shows will become more commonplace. I hope that the big designers will take this opportunity to look at how sustainable their operations are and work to creatively manage their overstock. Also, I hope that they show responsibility to the workers in their supply chains who are now at home and that these people get paid for work that has been done until now. 

Lupe Castro
Vintage suite Saint Laurent is the Burgundy
Photo credits: @mariotenerife

 How do you think you will need to do things differently in your business post lockdown? 

I have made a manifesto for myself and I will stick to it. 

What would you advise our/your followers to keep their spirits up during lockdown? 

One thing that has really helped me is getting dressed every day, exercising every day (apart from Sunday!) and going to work at my office – which is now a computer set up in one designated part of my flat. When I am not working, I make sure to spend time catching up on online courses or meeting up with friends virtually. 

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